Per Sònia Jiménez
4 May, 2020

To want too much or to want too many things has never really been a very sensible idea.

It´s the same in our homes, our living spaces, in which it is best, peace, well-being and silence should prevail as much in a visual as auditory sense.

Visual silences, or the lack of visual noise, is achieved by design, decoration or ambient thinking, letting the space itself take precedence.

For example: a wall with a finish or special texture, made of stone on which the sun alights, can be of interest just by itself.

Truth be told, it is a good philosophy in interior design – and one that makes us value all the elements that make up our home, from the distribution of objects to the ambient lighting or props.

This type of philosophy leads to the appreciation that less is more.

It encourages us to want specific unique and enriching items, as opposed to wantonly acquiring objects without a sense of how they all fit together.

We are best acquiring fewer – but better, more well-chosen elements – in all the senses – and not necessarily expensive ones.

Not wanting too much is not only a good rule of thumb for interior decoration, but is also, perhaps, a good philosophy for life.

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