Per Sònia Jiménez
11 November, 2020

Many people have asked me the inspiration behind “Objects&Desire”.

I reply that it was “HUNTING FOR CARLES”.

Because it´s all in the name.

The “C” stands for Cork.

I was born in Torroella de Montgri.

I grew up amongst the cork orchards of the region, marvelling at these hardy evergreen trees that constantly regenerate their bark. On my walks through the forests, I loved the fact that each cork oak was unique, branches rising like ancient hands, trunks thick, rough and pitted – or red, polished and smooth after harvesting.

The “A” stands for Arandelas (fishing floats in English).

Close to Torroella de Montgri is the port of L´Escala. At weekends my parents would take me there. On occasions, I would see the fishermen, laying out their nets to dry, a tangle of thick grey rope and dancing brown cork fishing floats, each marked by what seemed an indecipherable inky language of sun, salt and sea.

The “R” stands for Rugged.

I conceived the project to create totems of arandelas (sea floats) in Sant Feliu de Guixols, where I now live. I had the good fortune, after a fruitless search to find original cork floats, to meet Carles at the fishing port. A fisherman for 50 years, he was handsomely rugged. We took to each other immediately. I shared my plight. He promised to help.

The “L” stands for Limpiar (clean in English).

The few original cork floats Carles magically sourced (he wouldn´t tell me from where) were between 50 and 80 years old. Some had crumbled, but most were still intact – a delight to see, to hold and to touch. Where the float had rested on salt water, they were jet black. The circumferences still carried the wonderful inky language of the sea. When I returned home, despite shaking with excitement, I cleaned them gently, admiringly, lovingly.

The” E” stands for Exito (success in English).

Choosing eight particularly handsome arandelas, I took them to an ironmonger. They emerged as totems: strong, proud and noble. And then I had an idea. I would see how my totems would work as lamps. So I had three lampshades hand-made in Palamos: one black, one silver and one cream. The totem with the cream lampshade is in the picture. A success, so people tell me.

The “S” stands for Showroom.

When Marina, my niece( and the most delightful niece one could ever wish for), saw the lamps she suggested I “show” them on Instagram. Being Generation Y, as they say, she didn´t stop there. She said we should create a campaign and design more items for this virtual showroom. And now the Instagram showroom is almost as beautiful as the totems and lamps!


You can see it on ambientaobjetosdeseo.

So now you know the story.

Objetos&Deseo is about my past, my passion and my people.

And, of course, the great sea float hunter, Carles.