Per Sònia Jiménez
24 December, 2019

We need barely three seconds to decide whether to buy a product from a shelf.

For that reason we have to communicate clearly, quickly and simply.

The arrangement of shelving at the front of a shop is literally the shop window of a business.

And behind a good arrangement lie a number of things: product strategy, brand strategy and market understanding.

Knowledge of marketing, markets, communication, design and psychology are essential.

The arrangement must be chosen in its minutiae and vary according to the seasons.

And now Christmas and the New Year – one of the most important commercial times of the year!

Shop windows have to seduce and excite us by virtue of their designs – especially at this period.

We should admire them open-mouthed, their being little works of art of interior design.

Everything should be studied to perfection: position, composition, lighting, textures and colours.

Each one of these factors influences us psychologically and has been researched to persuade us to buy.

For example: the positioning is the position that the elements take within the concrete space, and depending on the position (to the right, centre or left), objects retain certain advantages in catching the eye.

Composition can be asymmetric, symmetric, linear, aleatory or rhythmic …

And colour is one of the first things our eye will notice, and for this reason, appropriate choice is essential (see my post regarding the 4 Agreements of Colour).

Each geometric form sends a concrete message, for example: the triangle is masculine, while the circle is feminine and represents perfection.

With a considered choice of each of these factors we can achieve shop windows that send a clear message, which seduce and transform the brand into a positive experience.

And thereby provoking desire.

Shop window arrangements need not be restricted to shops.

The knowledge required can also be put to good effect in restaurants, cocktail bars, markets etc..

A good example would be Barcelona´s Boquería market  – a seductive work of art that delights in turning everyday produce into a spectacle of the senses!

Welcome to 2020!


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