Per Sònia Jiménez
1 April, 2020

We live and work at home now and need to acclimatize ourselves.

In this regard I invite you to read five pieces of advice that may be able to help you.

  1. Have a specific area in which to work
  2. Have a sizeable table, well-ordered and with an ergonomic chair
  3. Provide an archive area for consultation of any books you may need
  4. Invest in good lighting, ventilation and heating
  5. Add a table lamp with soft lighting

It´s simple really … choosing and designing the work area where we will now be spending a great amount of time.

Given my profession, my workplace has always been at home. 

I receive clients here, so they can see the design, the space distribution, materials, textures, finishings and most importantly, the concept and coherence of my surroundings.

What better way is there for my clients to know my professional preferences?

With time, I have developed two discrete places to work – the office and the patio full of light and life.

The office is one floor down, perfectly designed to make it easy to receive clients. 

I have a large work-table with an ergonomic chair, beautiful sliding libraries and storage for samples. There are three windows, drawing light from the floor above, in glass, which allow natural light to enter.

In order to give the impression of the outside, there is also a large back lit image of the sea and the coastline in the style of an external picture window. It is a good solution if one finds oneself in a closed space with little natural light – and I recommend it to you. 

In this way, one always has the impression of being able to enjoy a fabulous view!

Surrounding details and finishings also are important – such as noble materials, well designed lighting and colour to create a good working environment.

Five tips that I hope help you to organize yourselves in the best way possible.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions. 

I can advise and help you to design and prepare your work space – even virtually!

Wishing you the very best in your teleworking!

If you would like advice regarding your business or home, do not hesitate to contact me!

correo: sonia@ambientainteriors.com