Per Sònia Jiménez
22 March, 2020

What happens when you have two people from the 2020s who have acquired a 300 m2 property that dates back to the 1980s?

Let me share with you a little about Montse and Charles, my clients and the two people in question.

Montse is a lawyer. She is always smartly dressed in a jacket and suit ensemble and is very sporty. Charles has a real-estate agency. And that´s how he came across their new property.

Both of them loved the location, a small village by the coast, the 300 square metres available and the general architectural characteristics of the property.

When they called me and I went to visit them, I quickly understood why.

The original structure from the 80s was very interesting. It had a spiral staircase that rose up the three levels of the building and was the central theme.

Accessing the spiral staircase led us to each of the floors and the two upper areas almost floating inside the interior space.

Due to these characteristics I was clear that the different spaces needed to communicate visually and that I should play with the perspectives and the spatial continuity and draw together the different elevations.

Montse, Charles and I talked at length, gradually identifying clearly the precise needs and expectations regarding the project.

We worked, above all, on the underlying concept of the property. All common areas needed to communicate visually, open enough to allow the expression of height whilst accentuating the perspectives of the two higher floors, private areas of relaxation.

The materials we wanted to use had to be warm, light, modern and simple.

We used a continuous solid wood parquet flooring, glazed and laminated, microcement in the bathrooms and kitchen, white walls and ceilings, sophisticated lighting and transparent glass rails.

The textures, custom made furniture, colours and materials all worked to achieve the objective.

We managed to transform the 1980s obsolete property into an attractive and innovative living space of the 2020s.

Speeding forward 40 years in 7 months.

Welcome to the change! 

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