Per Sònia Jiménez
12 February, 2020

I recently visited La Bisbal d´Empordà.

It is best known for its ceramics, the first mention of a potter here being in 1511.

Whatever the potter did, it must have been spectacular because, from the 18th century onwards La Bisbal pottery was world famous and exported globally, particularly Latin America.

La Bisbal introduced specialization – “pisaires” and “botxaires” who did the modelling, and “fogaters” who did the baking.

And in the 19th century it pioneered the decorative technique of trimming.

However, the 20th century hit La Bisbal hard. New materials such as plastic and stainless steel came into popularity and the town went into decline.

Pottery is now mainly for construction materials such as tiles.

And one might imagine that the artistry of beautiful hand crafted pottery has been all but forgotten.

My visit to La Bisbal´s pottery museum assured me that nothing could be further from the truth.

The rich red local clay which supplies the industry is still lovingly hand crafted.

In an inspirational initiative, twenty ceramic artists have linked up with twenty chefs from throughout Empordà to create unique tableware for their restaurants.

The resulting tableware is laid out on twenty beautifully dressed tables near the entrance to La Bisbal´s Terracotta museum.

Some items stand sober in their lustre glaze, jugs, bowls, plates – perfectly suited to the nature of the restaurant for which they are destined.

Some items play with the diner – jugs with whale tails, plates that take the form of waves, symbols of the sea such as starfish, octopi and shrimps painted onto the crockery.

My favourite?

The dinner service featured in the photo created by Ceràmiques Aparicio of Vulpellac for La Plaça in Madremanya. Elegant, classical, colourful and original.

But the best of all of this is that it will encourage gourmands to visit the featured restaurants throughout Empordá.

Restaurants in Palamos, Pals, L´Escala, Llafranc, Platja d´Aro, Begur, S´Agaro, Regencos, Pals, Torrent, Corçà and Llagostera.

Art and Functionality is the ultimate objective of interior design.

And a joy for the senses.

Bon Appetit!

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