Per Sònia Jiménez
21 November, 2019

The other day I was in a meeting of entrepreneurs and a woman approached me.

She was tall, blonde, dressed in a suit, brown jacket with a long rounded face.

Are you an interior designer? There´s something I just don´t understand. Who asks for your services? Because when I need a table, I go to a shop and choose from whatever tables are there. And I bring it home and voilà!”

I was shocked.

And a great sadness went through me.

For me, a table is not a table. It is a hugely important element inside a concrete space. It has a personality in the space. It has form, material and a purpose.

There are may types of tables: tables to eat by; tables to work by; tables for hosting; tables for writers; tables such as the one on which I am currently writing at this very moment.

And for me, each table creates its own universe of surrounding possibilities.

Such as chairs, cloths, dyes, woods, lamps, colours, textures, materials.

And the table very often is the heart of the home.

Who does not remember the dining table of one´s childhood? Who doesn´t remember the writing table one sat in at school. I still remember the writing table of my father, heavy, in darkest wood, broad, ancient and always full of papers.

So I invited her for a coffee to have the time to explain my beliefs regarding the importance of the table and interior design in general.

The table in the café, white marble, ringed by a shining gold band with cast iron legs bore witness to our conversation. 

And she asked me to help her find the right table.

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