Per Sònia Jiménez
20 August, 2019

This large and beautiful house already had all the prerequisites to transform its large terrace into a spectacular private chill-out area.


  • Owners open to new ideas
  • A spectacular, modern house
  • A large outside terrace
  • A sizeable budget

The house is situated in the Costa Brava some sixty feet above sea-level. From wherever you look you can see the sea. The owners were clear in their purpose: we want you to design a terrace area in which we can enjoy the terrace by day and by night in different ways and be able to receive friends to share special moments …

With this in mind, it was clear that they would want:

  • Two discrete areas: one day, one night
  • A bar area
  • An eating area
  • A sleeping area
  • A pool area
  • A winter storage area

I was clear that we should use noble, high quality materials; teak wood for the flooring, furniture and outside cupboards; travertine for the bar area; custom designed lamps in matt steel; silver leaf to represent the reflections of the sea; ethnic high-quality furniture; Gaston and Daniela fabrics for the exteriors.

The exterior already had three porches which was a huge advantage to be able to design the different functions that we needed.

The first thing we had to do was identify where the pool would go, and decided that it should be circular and prefabricated, close to the bar.

The second thing was to identify where the dining area should be, relaxing and sleeping in the first and second porch according to the distinct requirements specified and in the third porch the bar area with the storage area close by for the winter …

And so everything was selected according to function.

We had succeeded in achieving a modern, timeless, ethnic look with noble materials and all the seasonings!

The result was that the terrace became a superb place one could enjoy alone, invite others, share, just be, bathe, take the sun, sleep, dine … a terrace for differing experiences, a place where the owners could live in perfect peace and share their summer!